Asu – Miniature Japanese Garden Artist! Age, true face and profile

Asu is immensely popular with international subscribers, as many of his channel subscribers seem to be from overseas.
(He used to be “Asu, the Plant Man,” but as of 2023, he is simply “Asu.)

In this article, we will introduce Asu’s works and thoroughly investigate the true identity of Asu the Plant Boy.

What are his age, true face, and profile? It would be great to know his occupation, real name, hometown, educational background, etc.

In Japanese here.


The real face of plant artist Asu

I wondered what kind of person Asu is since I can’t see him in the video, so I looked his up and found an interview with him.

Asu talks about the source of his ideas and video strategy (in Japanese)

I was surprised to see it, but the real face was on display in this interview.

Quoted in Real Sound Tech interview

I thought he was a person who did not show his face, but maybe the reason he does not show his face in his videos or Instagram is that he does not need to because his works are the main part of his life.

In the interview article, the writer wanted to tell what kind of person Asu is, so he asked for a photo of Asu himself, and he was given an easy OK.

I guess you could say that I was very impressed with the atmosphere of the interview, and that Asu is an intelligent, quiet, and good-looking person.

As you can see from his videos and Instagram, Asu is a person who creates Japanese beauty as art with a minimum of materials.

His starting point was an aquarium store he wandered into when he was a student.

She saw the aquarium tanks and plants lined up in the store, bought the materials that day, and started making them. (It must have been because of the beauty of the items lined up in the store.)

His youtube started in 2019.
Since his works are Japanese in nature, 90% of his channel subscribers and commenters are from overseas.

He sasy it takes two to three months to make one piece, which seems to indicate how detailed and meticulous the process is.

Asu’s real name, age, and profile

Now let’s look more specifically at Asu’s profile, including his real name and age.

  • Real name: Unknown
  • Age: Late 20s?
  • From (where you live): Maybe in Tokyo
  • Education: college graduate (expected)

As for his name, it is quite common for channel names and SNS account names to be taken from real names, but in Asu’s case, “Asu” may be partially taken from his real name. (In Asu’s case, for example, “Asuka” may be taken from a part of his real name.

As for age, since he mentioned that he bought his first iPad Pro when he was a student, it would seem that he is a working adult who has already graduated from school.

Also, looking at his hands and arms in the video, they looks very beautiful, so he is probably in his late 20s, where he is not that old yet.

As for where he is from, he once said in a tweet, “If we can get together in Tokyo,” so Asu may be living in Tokyo.

It seems like it would be easy to get a variety of materials for the works he is going to make in the video if he is in Tokyo.
(I suppose he could order them online, but since his works seem to be so highly finished, it seems that he actually see them with his own eyes and choose the materials.)


What is Asu’s occupation?

I tried to find out what Asu’s usual occupation is, but unfortunately I could not find any details.

I will continue to investigate because I am increasingly curious about whether he works as a craftsman because of his dexterity or whether he is an ordinary office worker.

His hands and arms don’t look sunburned and he doesn’t seem to have any skin irritation, so he may be working at a desk, rather than working outside, at least.

Asu’s high school and college

Asu did not mention high school or college, and I was unable to find out more about them.

It seems that he also sent out messages in English on Instagram (which I assume he does since he says that many of his followers are from overseas), so I would think that he would have gone to college and graduated.

But, for example, the video posted on this instagram.

It shows that there is a lot of work that goes into a single piece of artwork, and it also makes it clear that it takes 2 to 3 months to complete a single piece of artwork.

(I think he is very conscious of the degree of completion, as there are killifish in the pond in the garden that he created.)

Asu’s SNS

In addition to youtube, Asu also posts information on instagram and twitter.

I picked up a few posts from those that caught my attention.

As Asu commented,
The misty stream looks like a spray of water and it looks like a waterfall.

This idea and the way it is actually presented is beautiful, but there are others…

There is beauty in simplicity, and the way he takes pictures is wonderful.

Just by checking social networking sites, we can directly see Asu’s world view, from how he makes his works to what kind of works he is working on at the moment.


Video of Asu’s

I picked up some of Asu’s videos that I think you should watch.

This video introduces Asu’s detailed works, which range from delicate work to the more serious work of cutting wood with a saw.

Most of the works are small ones, but this one is carefully and beautifully done, so if you are interested in Asu, please take a look.

In this video, Asu takes out a pair of tweezers and creates a very careful and delicate work of art. Very finely, little by little … . And he has recreated a garden that incorporates the shape of a fish.

As in this video, we can see Asu’s arms and hands well, and for those who don’t know Asu’s true face, it is another way to enjoy the video, as we can imagine what kind of person Asu is.

The garden incorporating the fish shapes seen above looks like a Japanese garden, but this video of “Making a Japanese Garden” has a whopping 5.48 million views.

It seems to be one of Asu’s most popular videos.

The reason why he has so many fans from overseas is probably because of videos like this one, in which he creates a Japanese garden.

It starts with the work using banners out of the blue and ends with the reproduction of a Japanese garden in a small box, and the slow and steady flow, or rather the overall flow, is also beautiful.

It seems that many people from overseas come to Japan to see Japanese gardens, but it also seems to be a healing video for those foreigners who cannot come to Japan.


In this article, we looked into the profile information and other details about Asu, who makes wonderful art.

What surprised me was that Asu, who usually does not show his true face, showed his face in the interview article.

Considering this, it may be that he simply does not show his face because there is no need to do so in his videos and social networking sites, where the focus is on his works and their related topics, such as the process of production.

It would be great if more people come to Japan to see Asu’s art, and it would also be great if people in Japan could see Asu’s art and feel the beauty of Japan in it again.

I look forward to seeing what kind of art Asu will create in the future.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article!